Pre and After Wax Cosmetics

Starpil Waxing cosmetics are made from high-quality natural active principles that hydrate and prepare skin for flawless hair removal, producing outstanding results and delaying hair growth.

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Starpil Starsoft moisturizer prepil gel 200 ml.

Its powerful moisturizing effect and combination of neurosensory active principles and Tamanu oil pr..

£11.75 (£14.10 inc. VAT)

Starpil Starsoft post epil emulsion 200 ml.

Excellent invigorating and antioxidant action. Produces an immediate restructuring effect, reduces r..

£11.75 (£14.10 inc. VAT)

Starpil Starsoft post epil oil 200 ml.

Removes leftover wax while its natural active principle content aids post-waxing skin recovery. Poss..

£11.75 (£14.10 inc. VAT)

Starpil Starsoft acid cream 200 ml. New

Starpil Starsoft acid cream 200 ml.

Helps restructure and recover skin pH immediately after waxing. Ideal for areas susceptible to irrit..

£11.75 (£14.10 inc. VAT)

Starpil post epil acid cream (Rebalancing) 500 ml.

Oat extract restores skin moisture levels whilst relieving potential irritation caused by waxing. Su..

£16.50 (£19.80 inc. VAT)

Starpil post epil oil 500 ml.

Removes left-over wax and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturized. Invigorates and firm..

£12.50 (£15.00 inc. VAT)

Starpil post epil retardant emulsion 500 ml.

Post Epil Retardant Emulsion by StarpilThe Post emulsion is applied after waxing to moisturize and s..

£13.50 (£16.20 inc. VAT)

Starpil post epil retardant mousse 200 ml.

Pleasantly textured, easily spread and absorbed mousse that leaves skin feeling wonderfully refreshe..

£11.50 (£13.80 inc. VAT)

Starpil pre depilatory gel 500 ml.

Starpil Pre-depilatory gel with rosmeary exctract.Starpil Pre depilatory gel is applied before waxin..

£14.50 (£17.40 inc. VAT)

Starpil hair puller spray 125 ml.

Helps prevent ingrown hair. Removes hair below the skin. Invigorates the epidermis. Protects against..

£13.50 (£16.20 inc. VAT)

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