Fully or semi-transparent. Fluid texture. Heavy-duty hair removal.

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Coral Wax Starpil Roll-on 110g

CRYSTALLINEPowrfull hair removal.Pleasant fragrance and colour.Areas: Upper Lio, Eyebrows, Chest..

£2.75 (£3.30 inc. VAT)

Facial Blue Azulene Roll-on Wax Starpil 110g

CRYSTALLINESpecial roller head for face and small treatment areas.Skin Type: All skin typesA..

£2.40 (£2.88 inc. VAT)

Blue Azulene Roll-on Wax Starpil 110g

CRYSTALLINESuitable for all skin types, including highly sensitive skin.Contains desensitizing activ..

£2.40 (£2.88 inc. VAT)

Honey Natural Roll-on Wax Starpil 110g

CRYSTALLINEExceptional combination of pine resins for flawless hair removal.Contains an exceptional ..

£2.40 (£2.88 inc. VAT)

Olive Oil Roll-on Wax Starpil 110 g

CRYSTALINEPleasantly textured. Softens skin.Contains oleic acid and antioxidants to soften and moist..

£2.40 (£2.88 inc. VAT)

Seaweed (For Men) Roll-on Wax Starpil 110 g

CRYSTALLINEHeavy-duty wax with marine aroma. Particularly suitable for male waxing and previously un..

£2.40 (£2.88 inc. VAT)

Watermelon Roll-on Wax Starpil 110g

CRYSTALLINERefreshing watermelon aroma. Encourages relaxation.Suitable for all skin typesAreas: Full..

£2.40 (£2.88 inc. VAT)