Stripless Pure Vegan Film Wax Beads Starpil 1kg

Film wax free of animal products.

Pleasantly textured liposoluble wax suitable for all skin types.

Its excellent elasticity means it can be applied in thin layers, which shortens drying time without sacrificing pliability.

It removes body hair at the root without breaking it and is disposable, maximizing skin health.

It contains plant-based active principles with soothing, regenerating, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

All Starpil low-melting-point waxes are disposable to maintain their outstanding properties and ensure complete safety and hygiene.

  • flawless hair removal
  • removes even the shortest hair at the root without breaking it
  • applicable in very thin layers
  • gentle removal
  • dries quickly but remains pliable
  • possesses regenerating, moisturizing and soothing properties
  • highly pliable
Areas: Suitable for all-over use

Ingredients: Rosin, glycine soya bean oil, olive oil, shea butter, other plant-based oils, and pigment.

How to use: Place the wax in the wax melter at about 60-70ºC, after 20 minutes have elapsed check that the wax is liquid, and reduce the melter to about 50-60ºC to obtain honey point. With the spatula, apply a fine layer in the direction of hair growth, wait for a few seconds and pull it off cleanly, parallel to the surface of the skin against the direction of hair growth. Effective use on facial and body hair.


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